China Gdg Plywood

GDG-PLYWOOD is a chinese company which engaged in Tree Planting, Forest Management, Wood Processing, Plywood &Timber producing and Trading. What we supply is Plywood for Construction/Furniture/Home Building use. Please find below our Plywood Species:1) Film Faced Plywood (Shuttering Plywood/Concrete Formwork Plywood)
2) Anti Slip Plywood
3) Transparent Film Faced Plywood
4) 100% Birch Plywood
5) Birch F/B Poplar Core Plywood
6) 100% Poplar Plywood
7) Natural Veneered Decorative Plywood(Ash Plywood, Beech Plywood, Cherry Plywood, Oak Plywood, Teak Plywood, Maple Plywood, Sapeli Plywood, Rosewood Plywood, Walnut Plywood)
8) UV Lacquered Veneered Decorative Plywood
9) UV Lacquered Birch Plywood
10) Okoume Plywood
11) Bintangor Plywood
12) Pine Plywood
13) Window Scantling (Okoume, Larch, Spruce)
14) Fire Proof Plywood
15) Deep-Processed Plywood such as Grooved Plywood, Edging Plywood.Welcome your inquiry and cooperation.Email: