Макс Комюникейшън ЕООД

Max Communication Ltd was established in 2008 Over the years, the company participates in major telecommunications and IT projects. Our team consists of experienced specialists who develop complete IT solutions starting from initial concept to final implementation and maintenance. Among our clients are Max Telecom Ltd, Mobiltel EAD, Rila Style Ltd, Florex Ltd and many others. The company operates successfully in the implementation of specialized software projects (Developments for BAS and many international companies).

The company specializes in analysis, development and implementation of customized software applications. We provide solutions to the high level of technology in the development of projects in their full life cycle, as well as participation in the development of different stages and tasks and projects. Max Communication Ltd has extensive experience in system integration, providing high-quality advice and execution of tasks related with the environment for the deployment and effective use of software and hardware products.