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1 Select promo option

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2.40 lv.

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2.40 lv.
2 Select payment option
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2.40 lv.
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50 lv

Оригинален и автентичен руски самовар на токПромоция само за черният петък само днес за 50 БЪЛГАРСКИ ЛЕВА...

SMS Make %upgrade% listing by sending a SMS with text*:
upg1411583 to number 1092

For all mobile carriers.

* The price of the sms to short number 1092 is 2lv. + VAT, to 1094 is 4lv. + VAT and to 1096 is 5lv. + VAT for subscribers of A1, Telenor and Vivacom.
Payments in cash can be done in all EasyPay offices in Bulgaria:
1 Grab code
Payment amount
2.40 leva
Expires at
2 Go to an EasyPay office

Please select the most convenient office location of EasyPay. There are mo than 1500 in Bulgaria.

3 Make Payment

In the EasyPay office you need to say you want to make a payment to an online merchant.

Show the ten digit payment code from step 1 and pay 2.40 лева

To pay at the ATM, please use the payment code below:
1 Grab code
Payment amount
2.40 leva
Expires at
2 Find an ATM with B-Pay menu

You can pay with a debit or credit card at one of more than 800 ATMs which support B-Pay payments - these are ATMs from CCB, Bulbank, Raiffeisen, CIBank, ProCredit Bank, Allianz, SG Expressbank etc.

Go to an ATM and put in your card.

3 Make Payment

Please go to Other Services menu and select B-Pay, then enter the code of merchant in the prompt:

Merchant: 60000

Then enter your ten digit payment code from step 1.