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Cyrillic Web Design

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Работа през уикенд
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Rare and unique web design service.

I'm the first and only one to currently offer that service for Americans and other English-speaking natives. I specialize in Cyrillic web design, I have great experience in it, and I have a tremendous collection of Cyrillic fonts at my disposal.

Importance of Cyrillic web design.

You would with absolutely certainty need a blog or website on Cyrillic, if you have plans on developing a business or a blog, online store or such in any of the following countries:

1. Russia
5. Macedonia
6. Montenegro
7. Belarus
8. Moldova
9. Kazakhstan
10. Kyrgyzstan
11. Tajikistan
12. Mongolia

The beauty of Cyrillic.

The Cyrillic alphabet is so good looking and cool. You will fall in love with it. But it's difficult to learn. My clients and my friends are calling places where Cyrillic is written "The Cyrillic Jungles."

Almost all of the world uses Latin (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese) and 99% of all people can't read Cyrillic. I am here to help you out with that.

Speed and security.

My websites load for 1-3 seconds (~1, 500 mi server).
I don't overdo it with 500 plugins. Speed is of importance.
And for security – few simple tweaks are more than enough.

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