Хирургически маски медицинска защитна маска KN95 N95 филтърна маска

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We have a medical face mask, surgical gloves and disinfectant for sale at reasonable prices.

Decorative surgical masks

1. Direct manufacturers to guarantee reasonable price and excellent quality

2.4 use a design to successfully prevent dust and bacteria

3. Material: pp non-woven, soft cotton, melted filter

4. With inhalation valve to avoid bacteria and dust

5.Package; Package of polyethylene package: 20 pcs / bag, 10 bags / package, 50 packages / carton. Size of cardboard packaging: 63 * 54 * 59 cm

Paper box packaging: 50 pcs. / Box, 40 boxes / carton. Size of the cardboard box: 52 * 38 * 30 cm

6. We also have many other styles, such as no valve style, activated carbon styles, adjustable ear styles and so on ...

We make international delivery within 3-4 days delivery.

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